Watercolour Online Classes
Watercolour Online Classes
Watercolour Online Classes
Watercolour Online Classes
Watercolour Online Classes
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Watercolour Online Classes

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5 classes

Thursday mornings from 10 AM to 12 PM.

Starting November 12th to December 10th.

This is the perfect class to get acquainted with watercolour techniques. In these classes Jess will walk you through step by step to create beautiful holiday cards. As you paint you will learn how to use your brushes, paints and working with watercolour paper. Each week will be working on a different subject matter that will fit into our holiday theme.

Supply List for Jess Rice’s class in painting Holiday cards:

- 2 water containers, large enough to be able to rinse your brushes out in.

- Large Round Brush #12 or larger

- Small Round Brush #5 or #6

- Watercolour palette (even a white enamel plate will work, but it should be white so you can see the colours.

- These are the colours I use and recommend but don’t expect to students to have all of these.

They should at least have a yellow, a red, and a blue to use.

   o Aureolin or Cadmium Yellow Medium

   o Rose Madder Genuine

   o Cobalt Blue

   o New Gamboge or Quinacridone Gold

   o Alizarin Crimson

   o Phthalo Blue

- Pencil

- Masking Tape

- A flat board that is large enough that you can tape your watercolour card to.

- Masking Fluid (plus an older, small round brush you can use to apply the masking fluid)

- 5x7 watercolour card stock, or you can rip or cut watercolour paper down to 10x7 and then fold it in half to make a 5x7 card. I like to buy the Strathmore Watercolour Cards as they also come with envelopes.

- A hair dryer is nice to have to dry your watercolours between washes.



Jess Rice has been a watercolour artist for the past 25 years. He has always been drawn to the picturesque West Coast and paints many of the beautiful local scenes. Currently he is the Art show coordinator for the WRSS Art Society and co-coordinator for the Peninsula Art Tour. Jess lives in White Rock with his partner Angelo who also is an artist. Using the pouring method to paint many of his watercolours Jess creates rich dynamic paintings that hang in many homes locally and internationally.