Sugar Plum Fairy & the Nutcracker (Nicci Battilana)
Sugar Plum Fairy & the Nutcracker (Nicci Battilana)
Sugar Plum Fairy & the Nutcracker (Nicci Battilana)
Sugar Plum Fairy & the Nutcracker (Nicci Battilana)
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Sugar Plum Fairy & the Nutcracker (Nicci Battilana)

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Together, with local Artist Nicci Battilana, you will create a Sugar Plum fairy-tale art pieces filled with presents, holiday decor, ballerinas and nutcrackers!  Students will be lightly sketching and colouring right along with Nicci in our virtual classroom. During the first class you will learn light sketching techniques with pencil as well as pencil crayons. In the second class you will add juicy layers of watercolour. The final class will let your creativity expand by adding even richer colours by incorporating soft chalk (not oil) pastel blending techniques. Your pastel adventure awaits you! Just think, you can give your completed art creations away as gifts this year or create a new one for someone special!


Classes begin on November 30th, 2020.



  • Mondays 3:30 - 5:30pm (3 sessions) Ages 14-18
  • Thursdays 3:30-5:30pm (3 sessions) Ages 9-14
  • Wednesdays 10am-12pm (3 sessions) Ages 18+


Supplies that students would need to have in order to participate in the class:

  • Printer paper (20 sheets 8.5"x11"),
  • Watercolour paper 130lb (10 sheets about 9"x12") or a mixed media journal,
  • pencil crayons (red, pink, white, blue, black, green, orange, brown, yellow + your other favourite pastel colours),
  • chalk/dry pastels (small set with the same colours),
  • Small Watercolour set (basic colours),
  • eraser,
  • sketch pencil (basic pencil is fine),
  • white crayon (found at Staples),
  • paper towel,
  • #8 & #10 round paint brushes and two cups for water.
  • ***These colour supplies can all be student grade (aka Crayola and/or Pentel).



Nicci Battilana, also known as Nicci Dot C A, is a local mixed media artist who creates colourful and playful portraits. These portraits are big eyed characters with bold features. Each has their own quirky (and sometimes outlandish) personality. When asked to describe her artistic style, Nicci responded with “I say mixed media with no ‘rules’, but maybe the true definition should be something like …. a mix of Disney like female characters drenched in Kool-Aid, add a dash of Tim Burton and a wack load of thick black eyeliner…. Ha ha. ”

Nicci is currently working on a self-published ART TUTORIAL book themed on ALICE IN WONDERLAND! You can pre-order your copy here: (Art Journaling With Alice)    . The book is due out February 15, 2021.

You can also watch her create every week over on Nicci TV :